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"The potential that exists within us is limitless and largely untapped, when you think of limits, you (literally) create them."

- Robert J. Kriegel & Louis  Patler

Catlin Palmer: OCD treatment and recovey. Stop intrusive thoughts and Pure O


I am an OCD Expert through my educational, professional, and personal experiences of living with OCD. I have turned my struggles of overcoming OCD into becoming a Transformation Coach for others that are living the struggle I so well know. I am here to empower these individuals that we can achieve anything we believe.

With a focus on the mind, I help individuals realize that if you can TRANSFORM your mind, you will  TRANSFORM your life.

I have an insatiable love and immeasuarable passion for helping those struggling with their mental health. I am genuinely inspired to help individuals overcome the limits the mind imposes and encourage people to reach their fullest potential. Never has anything felt more right. The idea of opening one's eyes to being able to overcome once perceived limits is a powerful notion. I have yet to find something more rewarding or fulfilling than empowering people to better their lives.

"You have to let go of who you are to become who you will be."              - Janet Finch

Catlin Palmer: OCD treatment and recovey. Stop intrusive thoughts and Pure O
I have come to find that the more positive momentum we have in our lives, the easier it is to have confidence in conquering our everyday hurdles ultimately propelling us to pursue our dreams.
What is the Flowmentum Movement you might ask?  Well, Flowmentum is a term I created to describe a state where somebody is simply flowing with momentum.  It describes an equilibrium we must keep in order to maintain a natural flow of functioning at a high level so we can be constantly and, merely effortlessly, flowing with momentum.
Makes sense and sounds easy enough, right?  But, don't get too ahead of yourself.  To figure out how to create this Flowmentum, and even more, how to maintain it, will be the most difficult thing we ever do over the course of our life... but that's where a Transformation Coach (ahem, your truly) comes in...


"When a man has put a limit on what he WILL do, he has put a limit on what he CAN do."  

- Charles Schwabb

Catlin Palmer: OCD treatment and recovey. Stop intrusive thoughts and Pure O




If you forget everything you've read...please never forget this. YOU matter. YOU deserve to be happy... YOU deserve the right to pursue your dreams. YOU deserve to live. YOU deserve a life full of abundance. YOU deserve success. And you WILL...right here, right now. Take your first step of many to a life of creating's easy...and FREE, for now.....

"It's never too late to be what you always might have been."

- John C. Maxwell

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